An effective solution for controlling your direct operating costs and increasing budget accuracy
Improve your route profitability

How profitable is your business? Developed especially for airline processes, our Sirax/Perform solution is a tool for monitoring and forecasting operational profitability, helping you to improve your route profitability with fast and accurate financial reporting.

Sirax/Perform optimizes the cost efficiency of your flight routes and helps to create a profitable network plan with its rapid, high-precision budgeting features.

Thanks to an invoice reconciliation feature, you only pay for what you have actually used.

Sirax/Perform can be integrated with any kind of technical backend and is platform-independent.


Boost your profits now!

Key features
  • Calculation of flight operating costs
  • Route profitability reporting
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Invoice reconciliation
Key benefits
  • Estimates and forecasts an airline’s operational profitability
  • Provides accurate data for analysis, planning and decision-making
  • Produces detailed DOC provisions for accrual and invoice verification
  • Supports ‘what-if’ analysis and simulations