SAP Implementation


Experience our deep expertise in airline processes. For efficient and flawless SAP implementation.

Total integration of your SAP system in a short time frame

Implement your system efficiently

ERP solutions are the core of a modern airline and the key to your digital transformation. They manage processes along the value chain, plan resources and supply the information required for all management decisions.

Steady changes, the growing needs of passengers and suppliers, and a highly competitive environment are increasing the demand for data quality and functionality to enable the management to make fast decisions. Processes are adopted, redefined and further developed so that information can be processed and evaluated in a flexible, fast and user-friendly manner. On top of this, airline processes are complex and involve many interfaces to peripheral systems, which calls for excellent knowledge and understanding of the airline business.

Our certified SAP professionals support airlines in optimizing their administrative processes and IT landscapes to increase their efficiency. Our consultants have helped many airlines successfully run SAP in numerous international projects. These cover the total integration in a short time frame - the whole spectrum from conceptualization and fine-tuning, through implementation and consolidation, to the maintenance of SAP systems.

Key features
  • Our experienced consultants understand and speak your technical language
  • Project experience from development up to management of large projects
  • Broad cultural experience through world wide projects
  • World wide support through off-shore teams
Key benefits
  • High efficiency since our airline IT experts understand your challenge
  • Cost advantage through experienced teams in low-cost producing countries