New Demand Indicators Dashboard


The NDI Dashboard helps companies in the aviation industry to optimize their capacity with schedule insights, weekly market size updates and a comprehensive overview of current travel restrictions.

The aviation industry has been hit very hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. To help the aviation industry plan its recoveries, faster and more flexible technologies are needed. Lufthansa Systems is supporting airlines and other companies in the aviation industry with the ability to recognize and adapt to changing market conditions. By combining data science, artificial intelligence and network planning know-how, the New Demand Indicators Dashboard helps to navigate the crisis and recovery periods by providing the latest supply and demand changes.

Scheduled vs. flown flights

Supply, in the form of published flight schedules, is an integral part of network planning analyses. Currently, there is high schedule volatility and sizeable differences between what is being published and what is actually flown. It is important to monitor the supply trends and understand which airlines are resuming flight operations and on what routes they are operating again. This can be an indication of demand stabilization. For this reason, we compare published schedules with flown ADS-B data. With ADS-B data, we can reliably determine whether a flight has taken place or not. Through the intuitive visualization in our dashboard, you can view flown flights and compare them with scheduled flights. This comparison can be done on airline, route and other levels.

Passenger demand in times of the pandemic

In normal times, historic passenger demand figures are an important source to understand passenger behavior and determine future passenger demand. In the COVID-19 times, these historical numbers have limited informative and predictive value. We have developed an innovative approach that reliably estimates current market sizes using an optimization algorithm based on supply indicators. By integrating this information into our dashboard, you can follow the development of relevant markets with just a few clicks, on a global level and for specific routes.

Travel restrictions and COVID-19 development

Travel restrictions are frequently changing. To help airlines monitor these changes, travel restrictions are extracted from NOTAMs, prepared and made available in the dashboard. You can see for instance which entry restrictions apply to your crews and passengers. The also dashboard shows you the development of COVID-19 positive case numbers. This gives you the opportunity to implement respective measures in time or to adjust your route network according to the case numbers.

Comprehensive download functionality

The information displayed in our dashboard can be downloaded as a data set, allowing you to integrate the data into your own application.