NetLine/Sched Slot Manager (Copyright: Getty Images / Howard Kingsnorth)
NetLine/Sched Slot Manager (Copyright: Getty Images / Howard Kingsnorth)

The solution for (O&D) network airlines with one or more hubs

The NetLine/HubDesigner generates profitable (multi-)hub networks, optimizes fleet utilization and creates the ideal bank structure at a single hub or in a multi-hub environment. The optimizer harmonizes supply and demand while taking operational restrictions into account. This results in a schedule that is operationally feasible, perfectly suited to meet demand and generates maximum network profitability.


Clean sheet network optimization improves network profitability

When market conditions change dramatically, networks need to be redesigned from scratch. NetLine/HubDesigner generates the most profitable O&D network without having to resort to existing schedules.


A combination of three optimizers in one for integrated rather than isolated optimization

NetLine/HubDesigner offers a critical advantage because it combines three optimizers in one solution. This solution uses the latest AI methods to fully exploit any profitability potential and create the best (multi-)hub network at a speed that is unmatched in the market:

  1. Hub optimization optimizes passenger services in terms of times, connections and frequencies
    The optimizer designs the best hub bank structure offering the best frequencies and connection times

  2. Fleet assignment ensures the most profitable use of a fleet 
    The optimizer efficiently assigns aircraft to routes while taking revenue and cost structures into account.

  3. Rotation optimization generates reliable aircraft rotations
    The rotation optimizer creates a rotation schedule that accounts for operational and commercial demands by considering aspects such as airport slots, maintenance requirements and airport restrictions.

Good to know: Thanks to modern interface technologies, the solution can be reliably embedded in a customer’s business processes by integrating it with NetLine/Sched or other scheduling systems, for example.


Demand forecasts and optimization as a service or self-service

Network optimization requires high-quality data and a high degree of expertise in demand modeling and data science. Lufthansa Systems offers two versions of NetLine/HubDesigner:

  1. Optimization and demand modeling as a service
    Lufthansa Systems' NetLine/Plan model is used as a demand forecast model for optimization. The NetLine/Plan model forecasts customer and competitor behavior based on available schedules. Forecasting also requires market size data, which can be supplied as a service by Lufthansa Systems or provided by the customer.

  2. Self-service demand modeling
    Alternatively, parameters from other demand models and an airline’s own market size estimates can be integrated into the optimization. This enables airlines to consistently plan and control their business process within their network planning and scheduling process.

NetLine/HubDesigner at a glance
  • Generates network and bank structures as well as schedules from scratch without resorting to existing schedules
  • Makes full use of optimization potential by optimizing times, fleet assignment and rotations in a single run
  • Calculates profitability based on airline-specific cost and revenue information
  • Accounts for operational and commercial restrictions and requirements
  • Enables network airlines to start using the latest network planning techniques by providing both optimization and demand modeling as a service
  • Ensures a consistent network planning process by integrating an airline’s own demand forecast models
  • Cost-effective cloud-based network planning forecast and optimization solution

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