Agile Transformation Consulting

Agile Transformation Consulting
Agile Transformation Consulting
Technology, data and digitization is the norm for companies in any industry - but the complexities of digital and agile transformation requires expertise and precision.

We transform systems, shape departments and ideate vision statements into tangible products. 


We will be happy to give you an example:

Over two months more than 200 people from Air Canada’s IT teams have been participating in a series of agile transformation workshops conducted by Lufthansa Systems.

From introducing the concept of Agile, examining what it is like ‘doing agile’ and ‘being agile’ to actively experiencing the Agile approach through hands-on exercises, Air Canada’s teams have grown in their knowledge.

Performed remotely, but using real life examples and participative breakout sessions, we were able to convey concepts and their applications in a well-structured manner that was very relatable and meaningful to Air Canada’s teams.

This was the first time that Air Canada has held such a large remote workshop and we were all thrilled with the positive responses from the participants who seemed to really embrace this approach.

Mel Crocker (Vice President and Acting CIO)
“excellent discussions of Agile concepts that are truly helpful to our IT teams”


Lynn Gobeil (Senior IT Partner Manager)
“when I first discussed this with David, I didn’t imagine that we would end up with such a great series of workshops. Well done LSY!”


Bruce Stamm (Sr. Director, Application Development & Maintenance & AI)
“as we bring more projects into the Agile world, these workshops were a great benefit to our teams in understanding the incremental nature of agile and how we can expedite our deliverables. Great job Joerg and Michael”


Christopher Diaz (Sr. Director, Digital and Loyalty Systems)
“leveraging examples from Air Canada’s ongoing initiatives, we were able to illustrate the benefits of educating teams across Air Canada on Agile delivery to ensure that we have the proper understanding in place to empower our teams to deliver meaningful digital experiences for our customers”


Anthony Delle Donne (Director, IT PMO)
“as we work to continuously evolve the IT PMO to the best in class delivery and governance model, it was extremely helpful to have Lufthansa Systems’ perspectives on working with Agille, its different roles and how they are applied in a very practical sense. Thank you Joerg and Michael and the LSY team.