Today's airlines need to permanently revise their schedule plans in response to competitor actions, or to follow updated sales and marketing plans, while constantly maintaining operational integrity.
The schedule management solution

This makes schedule management a very complex process. These challenges call for a state-of-the-art scheduling system which optimally supports the development, management and implementation of alternative network strategies.

NetLine/Sched supports all aspects of schedule development and schedule management. It offers powerful and easy to use schedule visualization and modification, supports alternative network strategies and schedule scenarios and measures the profitability impacts of alternative scheduling scenarios. The system is used every day by more than 60 airlines around the globe, ranging from small to large carriers and using different business models.

NetLine/Sched Slot Manager

Slot Manager takes over the complete slot handling process. It creates and manages SCR/SMA telex messages for communication with the airport co-ordinator and takes into consideration historic slots for initial submission.

NetLine/Sched Slot Monitor

Slot Monitor guarantees absolute control of slot utilization and recognizes the influence of schedule changes on airline slot possession at an early stage. Slot Monitor ensures that no slots are lost.

NetLine/Sched Rotation Optimizer

… the market-leading solution for building and optimizing rotations.

NetLine/Sched Swapper

NetLine/Sched Swapper allows existing schedules to be optimized at short notice, legally, and with minimal operational impact.

NetLine Fleet Assigner

...boost your profitability by up to 600,000 euros per month through the NetLine Fleet Assigner.