NetLine/Ops ++ Compact


is a web browser based “read-only” Gantt chart which enables airlines to provide full or restricted visibility on NetLine/Ops ++ to interested parties not working with the NetLine/Ops ++ PowerClient.

Put the OCC in your pocket - the comprehensive, web-based Gantt chart view on NetLine/Ops ++

Airlines require having access to a read-only Gantt chart of their flight schedule in the past, in the future and in the operating period. Typical business cases at airlines for the read-only access are:

Getting an overview of the flight schedule, ATC flight plan of the next 15 minutes, the aircraft rotation, information about the maintenance planning by the maintenance department and monitoring if actual times are inserted correctly or if delay codes are inserted correctly.The NetLine/Ops ++ Compact “read-only” Gantt chart is a web-based application that implements the cases listed above. Hence NetLine/Ops ++ Compact users have easy access to the above information at all times.

NetLine/Ops ++ Compact is the Intranet or Internet solution for safe and cost efficient real-time read-only access to NetLine/Ops ++. NetLine/Ops ++ Compact brings the schedule and actual movement times to every tablet or desktop within the airline with minimal deployment cost.