NetLine/Ops ++

On the day of ops, bad weather conditions, missed ATC slots or technical problems can all result in numerous airline schedule changes. These require fast and cost-efficient operational decisions.
Enter a new dimension of airline operations control

Fast and cost-efficient operational decisions are required in order to keep the schedule deviation impact as low as possible for the passengers. Every decision the operations controller takes and publishes has a cost impact for the airline, causing heavy additional costs which could be reduced with real-time cost transparency.

Having undergone a fundamental redesign, NetLine/Ops ++ takes your airline Operations Control Center to the next level: Your airline operations managers only have to manage the exceptions such as unexpected situations as the daily business is ideally supported by NetLine/Ops ++. NetLine/Ops ++ optimizes your day-to-day aircraft utilization, enhances user productivity and improves your airline’s irregularity management.

The antithesis of micromanagement is management by exception, an airline ops approach by which ops controller only devote time to situations that differ significantly from planned results.
These operations managers spend most of their time concentrating on important tasks that drive business success, such as strategic planning.

A management by exception strategy is only effective when the user has the tools in place to measure performance and forecast results, allowing them to get involved when something unexpected arises. Many new features facilitate information management, a higher degree of automation and better decision support. NetLine/Ops ++ optimizes your day-to-day aircraft utilization, enhances user productivity and improves your airline’s irregularity management.

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Delivering high-customer experience starts already with a flexible and robust aircraft and crew schedule. With Lufthansa Systems NetLine suite, airlines can handle all crew and aircraft management processes. NetLine enables to balance profitability and operational constraints from long-term planning until the day of operations in an efficient way.

NetLine/Ops ++ MoneyMachine

is a real-time cost indicator for typical operations control situations such as flight delays, cancellations or equipment changes of scheduled flights.

NetLine/Ops ++ Compact

is a web browser based “read-only” Gantt chart which enables airlines to provide full or restricted visibility on NetLine/Ops ++ to interested parties not working with the NetLine/Ops ++ PowerClient.

NetLine/Ops ++ MaintenanceControl

NetLine/Ops ++ MaintenanceControl gives you full support for tail assignment and maintenance planning and control. Access your aircraft performance data at all times!

NetLine/Ops ++ OpsLink

NetLine/Ops ++ OpsLink is the Intranet solution for safe and cost efficient real-time access to operational data. OpsLink brings your daily business to every desktop within the airline.

NetLine/Ops ++ Tail xOPT

NetLine/Ops ++ Tail xOPT helps you maximize the efficiency of your tail assignment process. Make sure the right aircraft is in the right place at the right time!

NetLine/Ops ++ Solver xOPT

NetLine/Ops ++ Solver xOPT will enable you to recover from schedule disruptions in a fast, legally compliant and cost-efficient manner.