NetLine/Ops ++


NetLine/Ops ++ optimizes the daily utilization of your flights, increases user productivity and improves your airline management when there are deviations from your regular schedule.

The next-generation operations control system

Bad weather, missed slots or technical problems on the day of ops can lead to multiple schedule changes. Fast, cost-efficient and safe operational decisions are called for here. NetLine/Ops ++ optimizes the daily utilization of your flights, increases user productivity and improves your airline management when there are deviations from your regular schedule. In short, NetLine/Ops ++ is the most comprehensive operations control system on the market.

The key added value of operations control – Advanced disruption management
The individually configurable functions are based on the concept of management by exception. They draw attention to potentially critical situations so you can quickly initiate measures to prevent and resolve disruptions. NetLine/Ops ++ also collects, evaluates and displays many other kinds of data (including passenger bookings, critical weather conditions, technical aircraft limitations, crew rotations and airport restrictions)

Automatic tail assignments and fast support when decisions need to be made – The NetLine/Ops ++ xOPT suite
After using the scheduling tool for subfleet assignment, NetLine/Ops ++ Tail xOPT will perfectly manage your tail assignment on the day of ops. The optimizer takes booking figures, crew connections and technical aircraft limitations into account and assigns the best rotations to each aircraft based on this data. Operational disruptions soon lead to very high costs. This makes it all the more important to resolve them quickly and effectively. Our modern optimizer technologies help you find fast, cost-efficient and legally compliant solutions. NetLine/Ops ++ Solver xOPT swaps rotations so that your regular flight schedule can be restored promptly.

Decision support functions in NetLine/Ops ++ – For the best decisions on the day of ops
NetLine/Ops ++ offers multiple decision support functions so that you can quickly see information and events relevant to operations and maintenance control and respond to them sensibly.
Various options can be tested and evaluated on a “playground” before you publish the solution as a live schedule. Alerts are generated automatically if there are any conflicts with the live schedule. The Maintenance Control module in NetLine/Ops ++ significantly reduces maintenance-related delays and provides interfaces for exchanging data with the maintenance and engineering systems.

The CrewConnex function visualizes incoming and outgoing crew connections in the NetLine/Ops ++ GUI. Following the principle of management by exception, alerts are generated automatically if the minimum crew connection time is not met. This same principle is applied to passenger connections. Both the minimum connection time (MCT) defined by IATA and your own individually defined MCTs can be specified here.

NetLine/Ops ++ MoneyMachine provides real-time cost analyses for typical operations control situations such as flight delays, cancellations and aircraft changes. It calculates potential unplanned costs and makes airline operations controllers more aware of the financial impact of their decisions in real time.

Continuous enhancement and refinement – Airline operations ahead of time
We are continuously refining the management by exception approach with the aim of reducing your workload even more. How do we do that? With airline operations ahead of time, using new technologies (such as artificial intelligence), based on the web and the principles of SOA (service-oriented architecture)

In the future, a REST API will connect NetLine/Ops ++ to every other application based on the SWIM (system-wide information management) standard. Advanced new technologies such as AI and optimizers can then be integrated seamlessly.

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Delivering high-customer experience starts already with a flexible and robust aircraft and crew schedule. With Lufthansa Systems NetLine suite, airlines can handle all crew and aircraft management processes. NetLine enables to balance profitability and operational constraints from long-term planning until the day of operations in an efficient way. 


NetLine/Ops ++ supports in many aspects of airline ground operations management.