NetLine/Hub Analyzer

The powerful reporting functions give your airline a high level of transparency regarding the hub performance.
Achieve a high level of transparency about your ground processes

This powerful information product gives your airline’s quality and performance management a high level of transparency about their ground processes. The product can flexibly be bundled by several information clusters, for instance operations, turnaround management, passenger connection management, etc. The information ranges from key performance indicators within multi-dimensional, web-based reports over “hitlists” and "x/y-analysis" down to the smallest detail of every single measuring point or dimension. Furthermore, it allows the tracking of current ground operations as a whole, refreshing every quarter of an hour.

NetLine/Hub Analyzer allows you also to calculate the profitability of your hub performance by monetary evaluating the results of the steering activities executed. The collected data help to analyze the hub post-flight performance in order to detect areas of improvement, take actions, and control their success. All this adds up to increased punctuality by minimizing handling delays on mid-/long-term base through optimized supplier interplay and improved minimum ground times.