The day of operations at a hub requires well-designed ground processes and seamlessly integrated IT support.
Discover your hub management potential

The day of operations at a hub consists of multiple cross-functional processes and many actors faced with an extremely dynamic operational environment. This requires well-designed ground processes and seamlessly integrated IT support to keep any schedule deviation impact as low as possible so that passengers can continue with their itinerary as booked.

NetLine/Hub provides high visibility of hub operations in real time, the ability to pro-actively steer operational dynamics, and means to communicate the current situation and cost-efficient decisions to all parties involved.

Key benefits

  • Full transparency of the current hub situation
  • Real-time decision support for saving critical passenger connections
  • Increased turnaround stability and on-time performance
  • Significant savings through reduced misconnection and delay costs
  • Improved passenger satisfaction and brand identity

NetLine/Hub ConnexManager

This valuable functionality automatically recognizes critical passenger connections, analyzes them, and recommends the best corrective action based on a cost-benefit analysis – all in real time!

NetLine/Hub Rebooking

In case the passenger connection cannot be saved, the powerful and effective recovery process offers a workflow support and integrated rebooking functionality.

NetLine/Hub Connex Optimizer

This tool helps you to optimize your passenger connectivity – quickly and efficiently.

NetLine/Hub ServiceManager

This mobile solution will improve your airline’s customer service performance: It allows direct communication and briefing on site.

NetLine/Hub TurnaroundManager

This highly efficient solution provides an integrated approach designed to plan the seamless interplay between airline, airport, and service providers.

NetLine/Hub Analyzer

The powerful reporting functions give your airline a high level of transparency regarding the hub performance.

NetLine/Hub Supervisor

This web-based handheld enables direct communication of measuring points on site to the core application.

NetLine/Hub SLAManager

This add-on module provides professional SLA management.