NetLine/Crew VacationPlanning

covers all phases from bidding and awarding to tracking of vacations, while providing a set of decision-support tools to the crew planners.
The intelligence behind vacation planning

Plan vacations with lower costs and higher crew satisfaction by using NetLineCrew Vacation Planning.

Planning vacations in an efficient and transparent way is a key factor in production planning as well as crew member satisfaction. NetLine/Crew VacationPlanning was designed to support the control of the full vacation planning process in an integrated way.

NetLine/Crew VacationPlanning, the vacation planning module of NetLine/Crew, supports the absence planning process in its entirety, working in close connection with NetLine/Crew, NetLine/Crew CrewLink and NetLine/Crew ManpowerPlanning. NetLine/Crew VacationPlanning covers all phases from bidding to tracking of vacations, providing planners and controllers with a set of decision-support tools and thereby enabling them to focus on creating and maintaining efficient, comprehensive, legal, economic, fair and satisfying vacation plans.

The module uses cutting-edge technologies such as an interactive web calendar, combinatorial optimization and business intelligence to provide the best available solution in minimal time combined with a high user experience.

Key features
  • Interactive web-based calendar for crew members to manage their vacations
  • Online evaluation of vacation requests/changes
  • Automated awarding distribution based on company rules
  • Capacity optimization is applied where possible
  • Advanced decision-support tools to simplify the work of planners
Key benefits
  • Transparent and automatic planning process
  • Increased crew member satisfaction thanks to transparency and online interaction with the system
  • Optimization provides the possibility to reduce costs through optimal vacation plans
  • Significantly reduces the workload on the planner side while crew services are increased