NetLine/Crew Profitability Evaluation Model (CPEM)


provides the user with cost approximations for pairing or roster solutions.

Transparency of cost and profitability information for better decisions

The CPEM module does not set out to summarize all costs in a detailed way, but helps by giving an overview of the main costs, revenues and key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling the user to evaluate various pairing or roster solutions from the cost and KPI standpoint. It calculates the cost of pairings and roundtrips with the configured values. The single costs and revenues of a round trip depend on the crew profitability key performance indicators, taking the attribute calculation of customer-specific rules into consideration. Calculated costs for one round trip are available in the smart info of a round trip in the NetLine/Crew application's graphical user interface. In addition, an analysis of a given roster or pairing solution can be started manually, saved and printed. A stored analysis can be compared with other stored analysis or with the original schedule and a difference report shows in detail all the costs, revenues and KPIs of each analysis as well as the differences between the two solutions compared.

Key features
  • A set of standard costs, revenues and KPIs is already available and can be configured by the customer.
  • The CPEM can be enhanced by customer-specific rules for cost, revenue and KPI calculation.
  • Cost information during rostering and tracking process
  • Difference report to analyze and evaluate two different solutions (e.g. compare scheduled month with actual flown month).
  • Possibility to define detailed costs for a specific cost driver or general costs for an overview (e.g. a specific hotel at a specific destination or a general hotel cost value for an area or region)
Key benefits
  • Overview and transparency of costs
  • Compare solutions (e.g. scheduled against flown month, scenario against original)
  • Improve cost awareness and transparency during the overall crew planning process
  • Identifying cost drivers, performance indicators and revenues
  • Easy update and maintenance of cost and revenue values