NetLine/Crew Optimizer Suite

uses state-of-the-art optimization algorithms to boost the efficiency of your crew planning.
Optimize your crew planning.

The suite is fully integrated into NetLine/Crew, which means that all the data and especially the planning rules are shared with the other NetLine/Crew components and there is a 100% consistency of data and rules.
Cutting edge technology requires continuous improvements and this is what this optimization suite is designed for: The NetLine/Crew and even the NetLine/Ops optimizers have a large portion of common optimization components, so that all optimizers benefit from the continuous progress on these optimization algorithms.

Key benefits

  • Substantial savings in crew costs due to advanced optimization techniques
  • Reduction of manpower and time needed for the planning process
  • Highly flexible configuration via rule language and property sets

NetLine/Crew Pairing xOPT

Our advanced pairing optimizer will help to boost your pairing generation performance significantly.

NetLine/Crew Preference Planner

The Preference Planner will completely automate the awarding of these preferences, strictly following the given priorities and respecting all legality issues.

NetLine/Crew Fairness xOPT NetLine/Crew Preferences xOPT

Our two advanced roster optimizers will help you boost your roster generation process quickly and with less effort thanks to high-quality solutions!