NetLine/Crew CrewLink

facilitates the communication of the crew member with crew management personnel and autonomous interaction with the crew management system NetLine/Crew and its modules.
Crew communication and system interaction using web-based applications

Communication and interaction with crew members is a main concern in the daily business of any airline. Crew members have to cope with a very dynamic working environment and are constantly on the move. The processes range from support for operational events and communication among the crews to individual information and the crew members' input to the crew management system when creating their roster or modifying their work schedules. The web-based solution NetLine/Crew CrewLink was designed to reduce the communication workload of the crew management experts, providing the crew member with access to needed information and an application to interact with the NetLine/Crew application and its modules. Complete and reliable information is readily available from any point with access to NetLine/Crew CrewLink. Various business processes related to crew management are fully integrated with NetLine/Crew.

The web-based access for crew members supports standard and advanced business processes, such as duty plan and notification distribution, check-in/out, crew communication, trip trading, requests, vacation management, crew member basic data maintenance, etc.

Key features
  • Access to the individual duty plan at any time
  • Fully integrated notification process
  • Automated check-in and check-out procedure
  • Basic data maintenance and briefing information at check-in
  • Crew member front-end to trip trading, requests, preferences, vacation management
  • Asynchronous communication between crew and crew trackers
  • Roster download to a mobile devices via a standardized interface
Key benefits
  • Full integration with crew management functionality of NetLine/Crew
  • Reduction of crew calls to crew schedulers
  • Cost savings through automation of standard business processes
  • Higher crew satisfaction thanks to easier balancing of personal and work schedules
  • Possible integration with an existing airline portal