Crew management throughout an airline's network is a complex task involving pairing construction, duty assignments and crew tracking.
The crew management solution

The ability to generate a feasible and efficient crew roster is not only key to smooth and profitable operations. It is also an important element of flight safety as well as crew and customer satisfaction. Crew management throughout an airline's network is a complex task involving pairing construction, duty assignments and crew tracking. Availability and training requirements, fair distribution of work and crew preferences all have to be matched with network needs, legal regulations, contractual obligations and economic considerations.

NetLine/Crew supports the entire crew management process, covering all phases from pairing construction to crew rostering to crew tracking and post-flight activities. It provides planners and controllers with a set of decision-support tools, enabling them to focus on creating and maintaining efficient, comprehensive, legal, economic, fair and satisfying duty rosters. A new feature provides crew controllers with an innovative approach for automated hotel management - particularly during critical day of operations changes. This feature enables crew controllers to stay focused on managing crews rather than dealing with hotels.

  • Improve stability, flexibility and crew loyalty
  • Benefit from optimum duty plans and quick recovery
  • Decrease your crew costs by up to 10 %

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Delivering high-customer experience starts already with a flexible and robust aircraft and crew schedule. With Lufthansa Systems NetLine suite, airlines can handle all crew and aircraft management processes. NetLine enables to balance profitability and operational constraints from long-term planning until the day of operations in an efficient way.

NetLine/Crew is a product based on the years of expertise of our experts. Would you like to drive to the top with one of our insiders? Then join our “We’re into IT” expert Alina Roloss in her office in Berlin!

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NetLine/Crew ManpowerPlanning

was designed to ease all the tasks related to long-term calculation of crew personnel requirements.

NetLine/Crew VacationPlanning

covers all phases from bidding and awarding to tracking of vacations, while providing a set of decision-support tools to the crew planners.

NetLine/Crew Fatigue Risk Management

Managing the fatigue risk throughout the entire crew planning and tracking process, including the optimization of pairings and rosters.

NetLine/Crew Profitability Evaluation Model (CPEM)

provides the user with cost approximations for pairing or roster solutions.

NetLine/Crew CrewLink

facilitates the communication of the crew member with crew management personnel and autonomous interaction with the crew management system NetLine/Crew and its modules.

NetLine/Crew Optimizer Suite

uses state-of-the-art optimization algorithms to boost the efficiency of your crew planning.