With Lido/TakeOff the pilot can calculate all relevant take-off data at the touch of a button in the cockpit.
One aircraft performance solution for your entire fleet.

You would like to calculate the take-off speeds and thrust relevant for the upcoming flight on the spot? Then use Lido/TakeOff.

With Lido/TakeOff we provide you with a one aircraft performance solution for your entire fleet. It is available to the pilots on an Electronic Flight Bag.

The key factors for calculation include the current outside temperature, the air pressure, the length of the take-off runway, its condition and the current weight of the aircraft. In addition, the obstacle data and EOSIDs have to be taken into consideration. These data as well as all take-off and landing runway details and the structural weights of the aircraft are stored accordingly in Lido/TakeOff. This reduces possible errors during manual entry.

To optimize the take-off weight and to maximize the payload, parameters of the Minimum Equipment List (MEL) and Configuration Deviation List (CDL) as well as special operational features can also be taken into consideration.
In addition, the solution allows you to maximize the lives of your engines. Thanks to the reduced thrust they can be spared and maintenance costs cut considerably.

By using our Lido/FlightBag airlines have the possibility to further increase the efficiency of their flight operations. In addition to calculating the take-off data it facilitates the provision of navigation charts, briefing documents and manuals for flight operations in electronic form.

Key benefits
  •     Maximization of payload
  •     Uniform performance solution for your entire fleet
  •     Can be used flexibly on any EFB hardware