Lido APM


With Lido APM you can determine the current performance data of your fleet and calculate the individual performance correction factor for each aircraft.

Be able to reduce the fuel quantity officially required!

The efficiency of your flight depends to a large extent on the precise calculation of the quantity of kerosene needed. The actual fuel consumption of an aircraft frequently deviates from the manufacturer's specification for the model concerned. With our Lido APM an individual correction factor can be determined for each aircraft which expresses the difference between target and actual data and may be taken into consideration in flight route planning.

Authorities such as the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) and the JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) have determined guidelines for the minimum quantities of kerosene which must be carried additionally on board. If you use Lido APM the fuel quantity officially required by the FAA and JAA can be reduced. The authorities accept the data captured via the correction factor as the basis for the adjusted calculation of the minimum fuel quantity, as each individual aircraft of a fleet is monitored continuously.

With our solution you also have the possibility to check the nominal values of the engines at any time. Engines for which atypical data are determined can thus be scheduled for maintenance in good time.

You have access to your performance data at all times via our web interface. In addition, our graphically prepared reports also enable you to use the data for strategic planning purposes.

Lido APM not only fulfils official requirements and saves fuel, but also gives you more flexibility in your flight operations.

Key benefits
  • One solution for your entire fleet to determine the performance correction factor
  • Reduction of fuel consumption by an average of 2.5 %
  • All data and evaluations are available at all times via web interface