Lido Airport Obstacle Data Service


Our Lido Airport Obstacle Data Service form the basis for the integration or individual performance calculation of your fleet.

Safe take-off with Lido Airport Obstacle Data Service

Before an aircraft can take off or land at an airport, it must be ensured that the take-off and landing runways are suitable for this aircraft type and the current load. In this respect, not only the length of the runway is important, but also the topographical surroundings in particular.

Lido Airport Obstacle Data Service bundles all the information concerning the take-off and landing runways, obstacle data and the possible emergency flight routes (EOSIDs) for around 1,600 airports worldwide.

To make sure that our obstacle data are always up to date, our aeronautical data specialists evaluate numerous different chart materials – taken from state charts, entries in the AIPs (Aeronautical Information Publications) and navigation charts.

All short-term restrictions at airports and landing runways which are published by the worldwide aviation authorities and which influence the usability of a take-off runway or an emergency flight route are also entered into the database.

This means that you can always concentrate fully on your take-off or landing.

Key benefits
  • Optimization of the take-off performance
  • Maximization of the take-off / landing weight
  • One database for your entire aircraft fleet