A set of performance tools for all phases of a flight, supporting airlines in their endeavor to be successful and efficient.
We can help you to extend the lives of your engines!

By calculating the optimum thrust for take-off you spare the engines and thus increase their life-cycle. In addition, the regular monitoring of the flight performance of your fleet allows you to detect necessary maintenance events in good time and already optimize fuel requirements in flight route planning. 
How much thrust an aircraft actually requires for the take-off is dependent on a number of variables. These include the take-off weight, the length and condition of the runway, the absence of obstacles around the airport and the current temperature, air pressure and wind direction/strength.

Key features

  • Optimized take-off performance thanks to our Lido/TakeOff Performance solution
  • Analysis of performance data and fuel consumption
  • Monitoring of the performance data allows the precise calculation of the fuel requirement

Our many years of experience in the field of aircraft performance engineering enable us to offer products and services of the highest standard.


With Lido/TakeOff the pilot can calculate all relevant take-off data at the touch of a button in the cockpit.


Our Lido/AirportObstacle Data form the basis for the integration or individual performance calculation of your fleet.


With Lido/APM you can determine the current performance data of your fleet and calculate the individual performance correction factor for each aircraft.