Flight Planning Services - Lido FPLS calculates your operational flight plan via our web-interface.

Get optimized flight plans as a service

Our Lido FPLS (Flight Planning Services) automatically calculates reliable routes for you - around the clock, every single day.

Simply provide us with your flight schedule, payload, and operational conditions of your flight via our web interface and we will supply all the relevant briefing information to you on time.

With Lido FPLS you can rely on our many years of experience with flight planning solutions for calculating the most effective route in terms of cost, fuel and time.
For optimization Lido FPLS relies on the algorithms of our proven flight planning solution Lido Flight. This ensures that you receive the most effective routing based on your settings.

Key benefits
  • Reliable operational flight plans and briefing packages
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Support for individual airline policies
  • Easy access via Internet
  • Minimum setup cost and time