Lido/Flight 4D

Lido/Flight 4D supports dispatchers to evaluate the optimal route while taking current flight-related data into account.
Optimized flight planning

Our Lido/Flight 4D is one of the most effective flight planning solutions worldwide. You want to optimize your routings to the max? Up to 5% fuel savings can be achieved with Lido/Flight 4D.

Lido/Flight 4D identifies the best route from almost unlimited options while taking current flight-related data into account. You decide whether you optimize routes with regard to fuel consumption, costs or flying time.

Our flight planning solution not only optimizes your flights, but also allows the strategic evaluation of future routings and the statistical analysis of city pairs.

Airlines of all business models and sizes can use a standard setup and proceed to add more modules – such as our visualiziation module WINDS – when needed. Contact us!

Lido/Flight 4D – for your flight planning into the future
Key features
  • Interactive flight planning
  • Individual automation of the flight planning process - either manual, fully automatic or at any other level of manual intervention
  • Various flight phases can be analyzed and optimized
  • Tailored briefing packages
  • Powerful display functionality for aircraft situation
Key benefits
  • Significant fuel, emissions, and cost savings
  • 24/7 help desk with professional dispatchers
  • High-quality aeronautical data with worldwide coverage



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