Lido/Flight 4D

Lido/Flight 4D supports the dispatch process, a fundamental part of the airline’s flight operations.
Take the right way with Lido/Flight 4D

The dispatch process is a fundamental part of your airline’s flight operations. To ensure the safety of each flight, your dispatchers must analyze a variety of parameters, e.g. air traffic, airspaces, airports, and the weather, as well as aircraft performance data. For every flight an individual flight route has to be calculated and optimized.

Lufthansa Systems Lido/Flight 4D provides dispatchers with a host of optimization options regarding flight time, fuel consumption or costs of each flight. This leads to fuel savings of up to five percent. But that's not all: With every ton of kerosene saved, CO2 emissions are cut as well.

Take advantage of our customer support. Our Help Desk is available around the clock to answer technical and functional questions.
Or simply use our Operation Service Center which offers comprehensive Flight Planning Services (Lido/FPLS).

The flight following process gets more and more important in daily flight operations. Our powerful visualization module Winds can be used in combination with Lido/Flight 4D or as a stand-alone solution.

Key features

  • Automatic calculation of the optimum trajectory for each flight
  • Comprehensive aeronautical database as well as up-to-date weather data and NOTAM handling
  • Update all of our general aeronautical data, as well as the data specific to each customer
  • Provision of briefing packages

Key benefits

  • Up to 5% fuel and emissions savings
  • Quick return on investment
  • 24/7 help desk with professional dispatchers
  • Full automation of the flight planning process

The savings potential is available from the first day of using our flight planning solutions in your flight operations department. This makes our solution even more attractive for airlines looking for possibilities to generate significant cost savings quickly. Don’t waste any time. Contact us!

Lido/Flight 4D

Lido/Flight 4D

Lido/Flight 4D supports dispatchers to evaluate the optimal route while taking current flight-related data into account.


Flight Planning Services - Lido/FPLS calculates your operational flight plan via our web-interface.