Mobile Solutions

Lufthansa Systems provides you with individual support throughout the entire process of defining and managing your app portfolio – from the initial idea to design, implementation and rollout.
Mobile Solutions – Business Goes Mobile

"Mobile applications […] are increasingly being used professionally to offer innovative services to customers or to increase the productivity of one’s own staff with the help of mobile technology. In doing so, many organizations are faced with the problem of which services they should provide in the form of apps on mobile end devices, which platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone 7,…) to choose, and whether and/or how such an application can be implemented on the respective platform." (see Fraunhofer Institute IESE)

We do not leave you alone with these questions, but instead provide you with individual support throughout the entire process of defining and managing your app portfolio – from the initial idea to design, implementation and rollout.

We support you with the following services:

  • Preparation of a step-by-step analysis to evaluate the mobility potential of your services and products in order to facilitate the creation of a future-proof app portfolio.
  • Guidelines for defining different types of apps that use different distribution channels are detailed: B2C, B2B or B2E
  • A continuous process for translating ideas and demands into mobile innovations is set up – the App Factory
  • The cost-efficient development, geared to the latest technologies, of market-relevant features and functions.

During development we pay particular attention to creating an appealing design and realizing a user-friendly interaction interface in order to provide app users with an effective and efficient application which ensures them a full user experience. In doing so, we are following the "Mobile Interaction Design Method" developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer IESE.

We support you in your decision regarding the development of mobile enterprise solutions in order to fulfill the mobile standards and expectations of your customers.

We provide you with:

  • Deep insights into the application domains thanks to our wide-ranging industry know-how (industry, retail and services, logistics, airline)
  • Well-founded knowledge of the existing technical platforms and development technologies
  • A method developed with Fraunhofer IESE for the interaction design of mobile applications
  • Consulting and concepts for connectivity solutions and optimal integration into existing application landscapes
  • Verified security standards for data with enhanced security requirements on mobile devices
  • Integrated data communication with back-end systems via the Lufthansa Systems Mobile Enterprise Application Platform
  • Mobile device management and establishment of enterprise app stores


mCabin/CityGuide is the crew’s personal city guide providing interesting and important local information about all destinations on your network


The IFEC platform for the digital journey

BoardConnect Portable

BoardConnect Portable gives you an even simpler, more flexible, all-in-one solution for low-cost operations.


The mobile solution mCabin provides your cabin crew with an app designed for excellent passenger communication, smooth crew management and optimal processes at every stage of the crew duty day.


mCabin/Messenger is the go-to app for speedy and instant messaging for your crew and ground operations staff


mCabin/Library+ is the crew’s personal digital document app where a library of the crew manuals and any specific airline documents are readily available