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Lufthansa Systems' Infrastructure Services offer innovative solutions that improve the mobility, flexibility, reliability and security of IT while at the same time reducing costs. These solutions include virtualized IT workspace models, where systems and data are hosted and processed securely in our high availability data center. Staff can access corporate data and applications from anywhere, at any time, on any device. IT systems are much easier to integrate in the event of mergers or takeovers or when new office locations are added. The hardware can be taken over and specific applications can be virtualized and made available via central data center architectures along with the standard software. This kind of solution enables companies to substantially reduce the cost of their hardware, licenses, development, operations and maintenance.

Lufthansa Systems operates a worldwide high-performance data center network with data centers in Kelsterbach near Frankfurt as well as in London, Dallas and Singapore. The Kelsterbach data center is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe. Lufthansa Systems thus offers customers a seamless infrastructure portfolio carefully tailored to suit the needs of their respective industry. The portfolio includes the global provision of high performance networks, Application Service Providing (ASP), cloud computing solutions and IT outsourcing. Companies from other sectors benefit from the high standards of quality, availability and data security that Lufthansa Systems applies to its work with the aviation industry.



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