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The cash system

VI&VA ® CA$H is an efficient cash system to display operational business transactions in branch offices and their publishing houses. Thanks to its high degree of flexibility, this system can also be deployed in other industry sectors..

Essentially, VI&VA® CA$H uses the existing standard functions of the SAP R/3 modules FI,CO, SD and MM and is integrated in the R/3 and VI&VA® system. As the system need not communicate via external interfaces, transactions are posted without delay according to the single entry principle.

The simple surface and operator guidance allow transactions to be processed particularly quickly in the offices or industries.

Special features:

  • Oriented specifically to publishing but can be adapted to other industry sectors if required
  • Whole-system integrity and direct link to the R/3 and VI&VA® system
  • No data redundancy e.g. for advertisement orders or business partners
  • Immediate comparison of master and transaction data
  • Use of search engines and validation routines of the R/3 system

Main functions of VI&VA® CA$H:

  • Cash income and expenditure
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Cash closing with cash journal

Technical environment:

  • SAP R/3 from Release 4.5B (basically also from 4.0B) modules FI,MM,SD
  • All SAP supported operating systems and databases
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