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Stay in contact with your customers

Are you worried about your printing business? Do you fear decreasing circulations? How can you win and keep customers and stay in close contact with them?

What you, as a publishing company, need is the help of your marketing. Lufthansa Systems has developed the "Contact" CRM system to support you in this respect. "Contact" combines access to the office system with sales management and management of all contact persons and documents. This solution works directly with data stored in VI&VA® or SAP and simplifies and optimizes customer service.

What are the functionalities of Contact?

  • Management of sales activities
  • Selling campaign management
  • Comprehensive administration of business partners and contact persons
  • Administration of attributes for business partners and contact persons according to your own specifications
  • Synchronization of business partners with Outlook contacts, email addresses, schedules and tasks
  • Central archive for all documents
  • User and authorization management in your SAP system

What are the key benefits?

  • Fast implementation
  • Perfect user-friendliness
  • Web-based
  • Customized for publishing companies
  • Integrated in original system (reduces work, error sources, etc.)
  • Additional functions, such as sales and office management
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