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The VI&VA® advertisement system with the web editor Compose is the service-friendly solution for your publishing house needs.

Thanks to extended advertisement acceptance deadlines and the reduction in planning time, more advertisements can be sold and produced in a shorter time.

The Editor has the following features:

  • The web editor is available as client and browser-based version
  • Formatted telephone and chiffre numbers are taken up in the advertisement text
  • Various geometrical forms such as circles, ellipses, rectangles, squares and polygons can be easily created
  • All functions can be called up using the mouse or via a keyboard shortcut
  • Texts can be rotated or projected on to 2 or 3-dimensionale objects
  • Generic work with internal and external variables
  • Administrative data for the various elements are kept in a central production database
  • EPS files are generated automatically for a subsequent production system
  • Typographic specimens can be exchanged at all times
  • The design of the advertisement is saved in typographic specimens
  • Only the colours stated in the advertisement order can be used for the design
  • Administrative data for the various elements are stored in a central database
  • The advertisement is designed in a WYSIWYG window
  • The main functions are available via a toolbar
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