Ground Operations Solutions


Lufthansa Systems’ NetLine product family covers the entire process – from network planning, schedule planning, codeshare and crew management to the day of operation – for more than 100 airline customers worldwide, every day.

From planning to takeoff - the entire process at a glance

Our aim is to dismantle silos that have built up over time and give you a full overview of your airline’s processes. We want to make your everyday life easier, which is why we are already thinking about tomorrow today.

"Together we connect to make the best decision ahead of time"

Joint decisions are better decisions
In the age of digitalization, connecting data and teams gives companies a critical competitive edge. That is why we expect a lot from the word "connect". This applies both inside and outside the NetLine product family.

Your daily challenges inspire us to introduce new "connected" software components. In the area of crew management in particular, we have developed the Interactive Duty Plan (IADP) and the TripTrade function as an integrated opportunity to improve dialog, communication and cooperation among crew members and with employees in crew management. By working together, we can discover solutions that can be implemented more quickly. After all, we want your employees to be able to concentrate on the essentials with the support of automation. Our cross-product connections create additional transparency.

For example, crew pairings can be mapped in NetLine/Sched. Ground times are already adjusted during flight planning if the crew changes planes on the same day.

With interfaces within NetLine products and to other operational systems such as Lido Flight 4D, the leading flight planning solution from Lufthansa Systems, we identify additions that go beyond local optima. For example, we contribute to the Total Mission Optimization (TMO) approach employed by our Lido solutions.

TMO is a concept for airlines that aims to continuously optimize every phase of a flight event – from preparation and operation to debriefing – by using an integrated Lido portfolio both on the ground and in the cockpit.

Optimizing fuel consumption, flight time and operational efficiency is just as important as integrating and networking solutions that enable dispatchers to consistently offer the most effective route and allow pilots to fly it in the most efficient way – all while maintaining continuous communication between stakeholders, dynamically updating business-relevant data and ensuring safety.

We aim to bring our network perspective to the TMO approach by taking into account an individual flight’s context within the overall network using aircraft rotation as well as crew and passenger transfers.

Expecting the unexpected – by being ahead of time
There will always be factors that we cannot influence, such as the weather. Nevertheless, we can calculate and simulate the effects of these factors throughout the entire planning process.

We develop forecasting systems to give you a glimpse into the future at an early stage. For us, using artificial intelligence and other prediction models is a matter of course. With the Resilient Scheduling & Operations model, Deep Turnaround Management and the aiOCC, we have already taken our first steps - successfully.

Working together to make your best decision
It is important to us that we understand your concerns. That is why we develop our solutions in partnership with you. Communicating and exchanging ideas is essential. A dedicated contact person at our headquarters in Germany means someone is always on hand to take your call.