The IFEC platform for the digital journey
See a movie. In the stratosphere. Listen to music. Check the news. Or go shopping. A world of digital experiences. Easy to access. At 450 miles per hour. Satisfy many demands. A single platform which is completely flexible. BoardConnect. Wishes come true.
BoardConnect: One platform. Numerous opportunities.

Movies. Music. Magazines.The daily news. BoardConnect offers your airline customers a wide range of digital services.
With a modular design that goes far beyond entertainment.

Take your passengers' experience to a new level with inflight gaming!

You want travelers to experience third-party applications on the flight? Give them advanced connectivity to browse the web!

Generate ancillary revenues with micro shops? It’s up to you!

The established leader in wireless in-flight infotainment is scalable to your needs.
Make a flight with your airline a digital experience. And take off into the cosmos of digital branding.

Embedded video for BoardConnect
Key features
  • Modular design
  • More than an IFE
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Scalable to your needs
Key benefits
  • Enable passengers to use their own devices
  • Integrate all aspects of infotainment
  • Personalize your customer interaction
  • Simplify content management
  • Save on installation and operating costs
  • Maximize ancillary revenue potential