BoardConnect , the award-winning wireless in-flight entertainment platform represents a game-changing development in the IFE world.
BoardConnect is our wireless in-flight entertainment platform which enables you to configure an individualized IFE system adapted to your content and design requirements. There are virtually no limits to the range of services that can be integrated on the platform. BoardConnect is very flexible in terms of functionality and operation encompassing an audio- and video-on-demand entertainment system, streaming wirelessly to passengers’ own WiFi-enabled devices such as notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.
BoardConnect: Run the future, not cables

The modular setup of our system also includes the integration of multiple additional services such as in-flight shopping, electronic magazines, seat-to-seat chat functionalities or multiplayer games – all accessible through the browser or a single app on mobile devices.

BoardConnect combines perfectly with the major connectivity solutions and enables the combination of the best WiFi-IFE and connectivity experience in the market. The mobile app and the on ground portal enables airlines to support their passengers throughout the travel cycle with important information and affiliate offers, such as hotel-, car rental- and destination event bookings.

The system provides full access to the Internet should the aircraft be equipped with a broadband connection. Passengers can surf the web during their flight, write e-mails or stay in touch with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

With the Seat Integrated Tablet Solution, we are expanding the diverse configuration options for the BoardConnect platform.

Besides enriching passengers’ travel experience BoardConnect also makes cabin crews’ live easier and increases your business options: During a flight, airlines can communicate with their passengers while generating additional revenues at the same time. Cabin announcements can be customized based on information about a passenger’s connecting flights or frequent flyer status. Guests can order food and drinks, shop or follow a moving map with points of interest (POI) relating to specific topics or highlights on the ground.

Norbert Müller, Senior Vice President BoardConnect at Lufthansa Systems: “We are taking the next big step with the BoardConnect platform and offering a new configuration option. Even airlines which prefer a seat-integrated IFE solution will now be able to bring trends in the entertainment industry into their aircraft. With our product, they can integrate the latest tablets in their seats without going through lengthy approval and certification procedures. Outdated in-flight entertainment is a thing of the past.”

Key benefits
  • Enable passengers to use their own devices
  • Integrate all aspects of infotainment
  • Personalize your customer interaction
  • Simplify content management
  • Save on installation and operating costs
  • Maximize ancillary revenue potential



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