Lido mPilot

Lido mPilot 6.5 new Screen

A comprehensive navigation solution for iOS

Key features
  • Intuitive airport navigation with Lido Airport Moving Map (AMM)
  • Real-time weather updates increasing operational efficiency
  • Own ship symbol from all major AID manufacturers and COTS on AMM, terminal charts and enroute maps
  • Integrated cold temperature correction calculator displaying corrected critical information
  • Single procedure selection simplifying chart interpretation
  • Company layers overlays; e.g. security airspaces
Key benefits
  • Streamlined data download process for efficient data access
  • Superior pilot situational awareness with enhanced navigation tools
  • Streamlined workflows for pilots to save time and effort
  • Integrated solution that combines multiple functions into one platform
  • Minimize potential disruptions with Lido Route Manual Backup
  • Exceptional customer support to address any queries or concerns