Lido mPilot


Lido mPilot provides your pilots with all the necessary navigation charts, documents and messages on their iPad

Navigate smart and connected

Lido Navigation’s Lido mPilot provides pilots with all the necessary navigation charts, documents and messages on their iPad - anywhere and anytime.

This means simplified flight preparation and in-flight use. Lido mPilot is designed to improve the pilot’s situational awareness and to make cockpit processes more efficient. With our application, pilots have support throughout flight.
Third-party data such as flight plan and company documentation can be loaded with ease. Furthermore, Lido mPilot can connect to the aircraft, allowing the display of accurate own-ship position from avionics data.

Pilots can also share their prepared flights with each other at the touch of a button, greatly reducing cockpit preparation time.

In case of the failure of electronic charting products or backend systems the Lido RouteManual Backup offers access to all the charts you need in an Azure cloud.

Lastly, the Lido AMM (Airport Moving Map) is seamlessly integrated into Lido mPilot and enhances situational awareness during ground operations. Lido AMM displays the aircraft’s position on the ground and is powered by our highly accurate Lido AMDB geo-database.



The relationship between UTC Aerospace Systems and Lido Navigation enables pilots to connect their iPads to the avionic system, allows for connectivity between all iPads on the flight deck, provides information on the aircraft's position and enables tactical data updates.

Proudly partnered since 2014, the Lido mPilot can be seamlessly integrated into Avio's EFB solution, AvioBook, allowing for split screen operation and easy uploading of flight plan routes. 

Key features
  • Import flight setup (charts, routes, annotations) from another connected Lido mPilot application
  • Reliable display of own-ship position coming from avionics data
  • Data visualized with Lido RouteManual standard
  • Flexible and mobile
Key benefits
  • Easy data and application updates
  • One solution integrating charting & documents on iOS
  • Web-based device, user and document management
  • Dynamic data-driven enroute map with feature look-up
  • Easy loading of route using standard iOS gestures (copy & paste)