Lido FMS


Navigation data tailored to the respective flight management system

Profit from our high-quality navigation data services

High-quality, up-to-date data are essential for optimum navigation. Using the on-board flight management system the pilot can access flight-relevant information at all times and plan his route accordingly. All the relevant aeronautical data are provided: information about airports, airways, waypoints, radio beacons, holding patterns and approaches, etc.

Our Lido FMS provides the corresponding data – tailored to your aircraft types, your hardware and your route network – in the flight management system during the flight.

The FMS database is used directly by the Flight Management Computer Guidance System (FMCGS) which performs the complex function of controlling the autopilot in the cockpit of every modern commercial aircraft.

The basis of Lido FMS is our comprehensive navigation database which contains all relevant aeronautical and topographic data with worldwide coverage. This all-embracing data pool is also used for the generation of our navigation charts. In accordance with the regulations of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), every 28 days the customer receives updated FMS databases which can be uploaded to the on-board computer easily and quickly.


Honeywell and Lido Navigation partnered up to provide end customers with a comprehensive navigation database containing high-quality, up-to-date data.



Key features
  • High quality data
  • Professional customer support
  • Procedure visualization options
  • Flexible tailoring solution
  • EASA certified production processes (LoA type 1)
Key benefits
  • Excellent data quality in ARINC 424 standard
  • 24/7 online access to our database via the Flight Information Viewer
  • All from one source: data and round-the-clock service
  • Can also be used in flight simulators