Highly accurate and reliable airport mapping database

Key features
  • High quality, accurate airport ground data
  • Standardized coding rules ensuring consistent and intelligible data
  • Lido AMDB NOTAMs provided daily, ensuring that users are aware of short-term (temporary) changes
  • ARINC 816 viewer, allowing the depiction of AMDBs for back-office use
  • Support of both Airbus and Boeing aircraft
  • Support of built-in AMM/ ANF/ OANS systems
  • Flexible airport library, tailored according to your needs (new airports can be added as required)
  • Vector data at more than 2000 airports available for various additional use cases
Key benefits
  • Reduces maintenance costs, e.g. due to brake to vacate on Airbus aircraft
  • Increases situational awareness for pilots and airport personnel during ground operations
  • Reduces pilots’ workload
  • Increased safety through the prevention of runway incursions (decreases workload and includes safety warning functions)
  • EASA Service Provider Type 1 certificate, and industry compliance (RTCA DO-200, DO-272, DO-291 and ARINC 816) ensuring highest data quality
  • Up-to-date data, revision service according to the AIRAC cycle
  • Signature files and signature verification tool based on industry strength standardized RSA algorithm to ensure integrity and authenticity of delivery data