Highly accurate and reliable airport mapping database

Increase the safety and efficiency of your ground operations

Are you looking for the most accurate spatial database containing all airport features to support your airline’s taxi operations? Then look no further!

Our certified Lido AMDB represents airports’ spatial layouts in a geo-referenced manner to enable your onboard EFB airport moving map application and advanced ground avionics functions. The database includes the geometry of runways, taxiways and buildings, as well as functional information. All this information is necessary for the Airbus Onboard Airport Navigation System (OANS) and Boeing Airport Moving Map (AMM) displays.

Supported avionics and EFB functions include:

  • airport moving map (AMM),
  • brake to vacate (BTV),
  • runway overrun prevention system (ROPS)
  • approaching runway advisory (ARA), and
  • take off security pack 2 (TOS 2).

The Lido AMDB is generated using high-resolution, geo-reference satellite images and is enhanced with information from authoritative source publications. This is the most accurate way to generate airport data, allowing you to align your own-ship position on the airport map. Furthermore, the Lido AMDB feeds data into the Lido AMM, ensuring consistent data between the onboard airport moving map and the EFB.

Safety enhancements

Taxiing at the world’s major airports can be a serious challenge. The Lido AMDB can help increase the safety of your airline’s operations by:

  • preventing runway incursions,
  • requiring less heads-down time, and
  • increasing situational awareness when planning and conducting ground operations.

Efficiency enhancements

Data is a key driver to unlocking operational efficiencies. The Lido AMDB can help your airline increase their efficiency by:

  • decreasing pilots’ workload, allowing them to spend more time focusing on the tasks at hand, and
  • decreasing maintenance requirements (saving time and money) through the brake to vacate function available for A350 and A380.
Key features
  • High quality, accurate airport ground data
  • Standardized coding rules ensuring consistent and intelligible data
  • Lido AMDB NOTAMs provided daily, ensuring that users are aware of short-term (temporary) changes
  • ARINC 816 viewer, allowing the depiction of AMDBs for back-office use
  • Support of both Airbus and Boeing aircraft
  • Support of built-in AMM/ ANF/ OANS systems
  • Flexible airport library, tailored according to your needs (new airports can be added as required)
Key benefits
  • Reduces maintenance costs, e.g. due to brake to vacate on Airbus aircraft
  • Increased situational awareness for pilots and airport personnel during ground operations
  • Reduces pilots’ workload
  • Increased safety through the prevention of runway incursions (decreases workload and includes safety warning functions)
  • EASA Service Provider Type 1 certificate, and industry compliance (RTCA DO-200, DO-272, DO-291 and ARINC 816) ensuring highest data quality
  • Up-to-date data, revision service according to the AIRAC cycle