Lido AMDB is a geo-database containing all airport features and attributes to enable your onboard Airport Moving Map application
Display precise airport maps on your flight deck

Taxiing at the world’s major airports can be a serious challenge. Our highly accurate Lido AMDB displays airports’ spatial layouts on a geo-referenced map and can support you during taxi operations in all weather conditions. This includes the geometry of runways, taxiways, and buildings, as well as functional information. All of this is necessary for the Airbus Onboard Airport Navigation System (OANS) and Boeing Airport Moving Map (AMM) displays.

The airport database is generated using geo-referenced satellite images. This is the best way to generate accurate airport data to align your own-ship position on the airport map.

Lido AMDB Charting standard and layout
Key features
  • Accurate airport maps
  • ARINC 816 compatible avionics
  • Improves safety
  • Increases efficiency
  • EASA certified
  • Supports built-in AMM/OANS systems
  • AMDB NOTAMs provided daily
Your benefits
  • Cost-saving enabler – Brake-To-Vacate on Airbus A/C
  • Complies with RTCA DO-200A, DO-272, DO-291, and ARINC 816 standards
  • Revision service according to AIRAC cycle
  • Increases your situational awareness when planning and conducting ground operations
  • Filters flight planned aircraft type and airports when used in conjunction with Lido Flight