Sirax/Credit supports all credit card types as well as PayPal transactions
Fast, accurate and highly automated.

Sirax/Credit includes validation routines to verify the structure of verifiable data for all international cards and current customer-specific local cards.

Validation covers:

  • Check digit
  • CC number length
  • Form number ranges for all international cards/current customer-specific local cards
  • Blacklist (ticket number, passenger name)
  • Board module for customer complaints and charge backs Basic functionality includes interface formats to general processors such as American Express, Discover, ATCAN and many customer-specific local card acquirer.
  • All standard credit card types are supported, as well as PayPal transactions initiated via our partnership with UATP.

Sirax/Credit supports different payment processors depending on:

  • Card range
  • Sales country
  • Currency
  • Transaction type