Revenue Integrity

Revenue Integrity  (© Getty Images/ pchyburrs )
Revenue Integrity  (© Getty Images/ pchyburrs )

The flight firming solution

Boosting your revenue potential by firming your inventory!

Revenue Integrity supports the main goal of revenue management: to maximize profits. Our solution essentially increases the quality of your booking. Thereby inventory control and prognoses are improved, which in return ultimately reduces your denied boarding rate and seat spoilage loss to a large degree. This is achieved mainly by firming bookings and returning blocked capacity to sales. According to industry estimates airlines can improve their financial results by 2% to 3% on average. Depending on your present practice you could achieve even better results. Are you ready to benefit from the third generation of our Revenue Integrity? Get in touch with our revenue integrity experts to obtain an individual solution designed with vision and conviction.

A customer statement about Revenue Integrity:

Key features
  • Sophisticated detection of blind bookings including handling for unticketed bookings, duplicates and fictitious names, etc.
  • Highly customizable solution based on a standardized product
  • Business-rule-driven and time-sensitive actions
  • Anti-churning capabilities
  • Highly ergonomically designed, web-based Graphical User Interface
  • Multi-backend connectivity
  • Real-time, event-driven and time-triggered processing
Key benefits
  • Additional revenue from seats being returned to the sales cycle
  • Cost savings from canceled bookings
  • Clean and accurate inventory figures throughout the booking cycle
  • Approx. EUR 1 per single segment booked