ProfitLine/Yield Dynamic Price Engine

A new integrated revenue management and pricing concept which is unique to the industry.
The intelligent way to real-time O&D optimization

The ProfitLine/Yield Dynamic Price Engine (DPE) is a new integrated revenue management and pricing concept, which is unique to the industry - an innovative tool for strategic O&D control and the successful management of low-fare markets. It has been especially designed for network carriers and those who are facing low-fare competition in sections of their network. With DPE, airlines can increase their revenues and manage their distribution costs effectively.

The DPE implements all business decisions in regard to revenue management and pricing, based on individual business rules pre-defined by the airline. All individual requests (booking, cancellation, availability, price) from any distribution channel, are handled and resolved case-by-case in real time and in compliance with dynamic rules and revenue management principles. Static control parameters are replaced by dynamic control, reflecting the individual value of each request, as well as the actual market and competitive situation. To fulfill even the highest requirements, the system is capable of handling up to several million requests per day with excellent performance and outstanding reliability.

ProfitLine/Yield Dynamic Price Engine creates value
  • Optimizes O&D revenues dynamically
  • Maintains optimal revenues in face of low-fare competition
  • Enhances flexibility through full support of mixed business models
  • Covers all markets by empowering every type of distribution channel
  • Optimizes distribution costs