ProfitLine/Yield Rembrandt

Rembrandt is a complete revenue management solution designed for regional and low-cost carriers.
High revenues, low invest

ProfitLine/Yield Rembrandt is the leading segment-based revenue management solution, designed to support demanding airlines in a competitive environment. The solution maximizes revenues for any business model, offering both product-sensitive and price-sensitive forecasting. It sets your availabilities according to market developments and competitor fares. By offering seats closer to what the customer is willing to pay, ProfitLine/Yield Rembrandt increases performance thus boosting your revenues.

Key benefits
  • Fast return on investment – quick to implement, comfortable to operate
  • Ahead of the competition – anticipates market changes, considers competitor fares
  • Automatic monitoring of the whole network – traces critical booking patterns, supports fleet optimization
  • USP: product-sensitive and price-sensitive forecasting in one system