ProfitLine/Yield O&D

The most advanced revenue management solution, enabling seamless migration from leg or segment control to true PNR-based O&D control.
The optimum path to O&D-based airline revenue management

Managing seat capacities based on Origin&Destination (O&D) forecasts was a key requirement in revenue management organizations during the last decade. Today, in order to be competitive, it is necessary to take the next step and to update inventory-centric distribution and revenue management processes into true passenger-centric sales and distribution processes. Lufthansa Systems’ revenue management solution is future proof, as it is based on a rich set of product and customer attributes. Booking classes become irrelevant because ProfitLine/Yield O&D optimizes customer segmentation and forecasts demand for optimally designed dynamic micro-segments. The system optimizes total revenue, including ancillary revenue.

ProfitLine/Yield O&D delivers information of a very high standard that supports decision-making in daily revenue management. Using the latest technology for market-sensitive demand forecasting as well as no-show forecasting based on passenger attributes, the benefits of the solution are self-evident: Revenue increased by several percent goes straight to your balance sheet.

ProfitLine/Yield O&D can be tailored to the requirements of large, medium, and small airlines. Thanks to completely flexible migration your path to full network control is wide open!

Key benefits
  • Increase revenues by up to 2% with O&D science compared to segment-based science
  • Increase revenues by more than 1% through market-sensitive science
  • Optimize your forecast with unique, benchmark-proven methods
  • Reduce forecast errors by up to 35% by reading valuable information from PNRs
  • Gain up to 1 additional passenger on full flights with PNR-based no-show forecasting