The revenue management solution
Higher monetary benefits and full network control

Are you convinced that you are making optimum use of your available seat capacities? How do you handle markets with stiff competition, for instance from low-cost carriers?
High-quality passenger forecasts are the basis for booking control procedures. The better the forecasting method, the more accurate the availabilities and overbooking rates, and the higher the revenue.

ProfitLine/Yield uses the most advanced forecast and optimization methods as the result of many years of experience in revenue management. Its unique design and methodology support seamless migration from segment control based on booking figures to true PNR-based O&D control. Migration rollout is completely self-defined by your airline’s strategic visions. Whether you decide to move straight ahead to a market-sensitive O&D revenue management solution or prefer to advance step by step – it is entirely up to you. Your revenue management department will be rewarded with higher monetary benefits at each step and ultimately with full network control.

ProfitLine/Yield O&D

The most advanced revenue management solution, enabling seamless migration from leg or segment control to true PNR-based O&D control.

ProfitLine/Yield Rembrandt

Rembrandt is a complete revenue management solution designed for regional and low-cost carriers.

ProfitLine/Yield Dynamic Price Engine

A new integrated revenue management and pricing concept which is unique to the industry.