ProfitLine/Price Competitor Analysis YQ/YR


The module ProfitLine/Price Competitor Analysis YQ/YR enables airlines to compare the competitor’s fares for certain routings based on the entire amounts including YQ/YR surcharges.

Get transparency into the pricing of your competitors

Due to the new EU directive which stipulates that airlines may only publish final prices, it is becoming increasingly difficult to analyze competitor prices. Is this also something that affects your airline? We have noticed that there is growing interest in a solution to provide transparency of prices and charges. And we have created this solution for you.

The solution is called ProfitLine/Price Competitor Analysis YQ/YR and is the new module of ProfitLine/Price. The module provides you with valuable data on the composition of the different tariffs of all airlines worldwide from the central data provider ATPCO. The information gained from these data supplies the competitive basis for the calculation of your prices.

In this way, the ProfitLine/Price Competitor Analysis YQ/YR module calculates, for example, the prices including YQ/YR surcharges, allowing you to compare your own prices for specific routings with those of your competitors.

Our new module facilitates the simple, fast and exact presentation of market movements. You can profit from it and make your pricing process more efficient and cost-effective.

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