Benefit from ideal codeshare connections
Your flight schedule is the basis

Your flight schedule does not just come out of the wall. It is a result of your process chain, starting with operational planning and codeshare management and ending with schedule delivery. Your schedule is the backbone of all the business processes within your airline. The quality of your schedule is therefore one of the key basics for your internal effort and costs, your passenger bookings, and ultimately your revenue.

Benefit from ideal codeshare connections

Codeshare management is an extremely complex task. Flight schedules are subject to frequent changes, leading to constant adjustments of your and your partners’ schedules. But codesharing is a winning process for you and your passengers. You increase your revenue by keeping travelers within your network, while your passengers enjoy smooth connecting flights.

SchedConnect boosts your business to a higher level

SchedConnect is a highly advanced and effective codeshare management and schedule distribution tool in a real multi-customer environment with one central schedule database and numerous features regarding schedule management. The system offers a high degree of automation that saves you time and effort in dealing with all the challenges in this area.