Benefit from ideal codeshare connections. Save significant time in automation of your schedule data exchange from and to partners and 3rd parties. Profit by the concept of a central flight repository.

Key features
  • Sophisticated Codeshare Connection Builder with preference evaluation and rule based flight number assignment
  • Automated schedule data import from partners with syntactical and logical quality checks according to IATA standard
  • Automated high performance schedule compare to verify schedule update impacts
  • Comprehensive codeshare flight management with automatic marketing flight generation and codeshare conflict handling
  • Codeshare scenario management
  • Intelligent schedule publication and real-time distribution mechanism by user-configurable rule-sets
  • Effective and rule based basic data editor for common and customer related basic data
  • Generation of custom-made statistics and reports based on schedule, including automated delivery in industry standard formats (csv, xls, xlsx, html, pdf)
  • Easy implementation into existing system landscapes due support of IATA standard formats
Key benefits
  • Use of ideal codeshare connections yields to additional potential revenue up to 15 million euros a year
  • Significant time savings in daily codeshare management tasks due to high level of automation
  • Reduction of mismatched operating and marketing flights minimizes booking errors and therefore leads to an increase in revenue
  • Fast integration of new codeshare partner to the own existing network decreases implementation costs