Is your current schedule yielding maximum profitability? Are you responding in the right way to changes in your competitive environment? Are your partnerships beneficial?


NetLine/Plan has been developed in partnership with airlines for more than 20 years to confront the toughest network planning challenges. NetLine/Plan is an industry-leading tool that allows airlines to make intelligent network planning decisions with unmatched Speed, Accuracy & Transparency.

The goal of Network Planning is to maximize profitability across an airline’s entire schedule. This is a complex and challenging task. While balancing commercial realities and operational constraints, the Network Planner evaluates potential schedule changes in the form of Business Cases. These include new destinations, frequency/time changes, aircraft up/down-gauges and partnership scenarios with codeshares or alliances. As of today, 16 major airlines from around the world trust NetLine/Plan for their network planning Business Cases and benefit from unmatched Speed, Accuracy and Transparency.

Network Planning can be very time-consuming, which is why NetLine/Plan is designed to be fast. While other tools take several minutes or even hours to deliver results, NetLine/Plan can perform a full O&D based network evaluation in less than 30 Seconds. This allows NetLine/Plan users to work more efficiently, spending more time analyzing and scrutinizing Business Cases to deliver value to their airlines.

NetLine/Plan offers unmatched speed but this does not mean you have to compromise on accuracy. With more than 20 years of network planning tool and calibration experience, NetLine/Plan is powered today by our most sophisticated proprietary models and data. This includes our Nested-Logit based Market Model that predicts passenger choices based on itinerary attributes itinerary type, connect quality, airline and time-of-day preference and more. Together with our Connection Builder, Spill & Recapture and Cost & Revenue Models, airlines forecast profitability with the accuracy and consistency that is required in today’s fast changing airline industry.

Network Planning tools are often believed to be black boxes. Many tools are. We at Lufthansa Systems are proud that NetLine/Plan offers Network Planners the transparency needed to make decisions with confidence. NetLine/Plan’s flexible views, analyzers and reports empower the user to drill down to the most granular level of the analysis, fully comprehend the model behavior and if needed directly intervene with market specific knowledge.

Strategic Fleet Assignment & Hub Optimization available as add-on modules
The functionality of NetLine/Plan can be further enhanced by two add-on modules that enable the users to perform Strategic Fleet Assignment & Hub Optimization studies. Both of these modules are fully integrated into NetLine/Plan which allows a seamless integration into your planning process.

Training & Support
Lufthansa Systems believes strongly in importance of training and supporting NetLine/Plan users. We are proud to offer a wide range of training opportunities including on-site trainings, NetLine Academy trainings at our headquarters and self-administered trainings via video tutorials. Each of our customers is assigned a dedicated customer manager who provides functional and technical support to ensure that NetLine/Plan delivers maximum value to each of our customers.

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