The market analysis solution
Flexible access at all times with any mobile device

NetLine/Market enables you to instantly grasp your exact market position and to examine your competitors’ networks and sales performance in detail. You will be able to analyze worldwide traffic flow and its sales origin. Your response time to market changes will accelerate with this strategic tool for detailed sales and network planning.

NetLine/Market provides you with market and sales information to analyze historical, current and future demand on a global level. With the specific results generated by NetLine/Market you can focus on the most profitable markets and maximize your revenue. Early detection of the future trends is one of the most crucial competitive advantages. The analysis in NetLine/ Market refers to existing and new markets, i. e. origins and destinations (O&D), segments, connection points, points-of-sale, codeshare information, capacity and many other criteria. The ability to view information from any perspective and at any level of detail is the key to efficient sales and network management.

Key benefits
  • Maximizes revenue by focusing on the most profitable markets
  • Accelerates response time to market changes
  • Detects potential for codeshares, new markets or sales incentives
  • Keeps you ahead of competing hubs by means of sophisticated reports
  • Reduces work-load for investigation and researchs
  • Make the best use of expensive market data