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We offer market analysis, network planning, schedule management and codeshare management solutions.
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Network planning and scheduling are critical to the success of your airline. These tasks involve answering the following important questions: Where do you need to fly? What type of aircraft should be used?

Lufthansa Systems offers you advanced solutions for market analysis, network planning, scheduling and codeshare management with products from its NetLine suite.

NetLine is the integrated solution for efficient resource management

As markets continue to change, new network structures emerge and airline alliances and partnerships become even more important, regular strategic planning and continuous network development are fundamental to the success of any airline. This applies to both long-term fleet and capacity planning and the shorter-term planning of flight schedules and route networks, as well as codeshare management.

Lufthansa Systems’ solutions give you fast access to accurate, transparent information about the current market situation, future market trends and developments, and your competitors’ schedules so you can make good strategic decisions for the future of your airline. They enable you to respond flexibly to market changes and adapt your own strategy to the new conditions if necessary.

Evaluate and optimize the profitability of your route network with NetLine/Plan , improve and optimize your aircraft rotations and scheduling process with NetLine/Sched , and rely on automated and efficient codeshare management with SchedConnect. In short: Take full advantage of your airline’s revenue and profit potential!


Is your current schedule yielding maximum profitability? Are you responding in the right way to changes in your competitive environment? Are your partnerships beneficial?
New Demand Indicators Dashboard (Original designed by / Freepik)

New Demand Indicators Dashboard

The NDI Dashboard helps companies in the aviation industry to optimize their capacity with schedule insights, weekly market size updates and a comprehensive overview of current travel restrictions.


Today's airlines need to permanently revise their schedule plans in response to competitor actions, or to follow updated sales and marketing plans, while constantly maintaining operational integrity.
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Benefit from ideal codeshare connections. Save significant time in automation of your schedule data exchange from and to partners and 3rd parties. Profit by the concept of a central flight repository.