Commercial Solutions


Offering sophisticated solutions for network planning, scheduling, revenue management and pricing, Lufthansa Systems has an integrated and comprehensive software package to support the commercial management of airlines.

Increase revenue and profit with a coordinated strategy in a changing competitive environment

Multifaceted airline processes and an increasingly dynamic market environment make revenue and profit optimization a complex task for airlines. From long-term resolutions on fleet and capacity management to medium- and short-term decisions on flight scheduling, slot management and pricing, countless factors influence an airline’s revenue, costs and profit.

In an increasingly dynamic market where competitors regularly adjust their schedules, prices and capacity, it is essential for airlines to continually monitor these market changes and respond to them appropriately and flexibly.

Joint decisions are better decisions

The close interaction and automation of the individual systems and processes is especially noteworthy. For example, ticket prices can be updated automatically based on demand and capacity forecasts, and you can use price elasticity models to optimize your revenue per segment.

NetLine/Plan is the leading tool for long-term network planning. We developed this solution in close collaboration with some of the world’s major airlines, taking three fundamental values into account: speed, accuracy and transparency. NetLine/Plan enables you to track long-term changes and trends in demand and optimize your network for the best possible connectivity – in coordination with partner airlines.

NetLine/Sched is the tool for planning and optimizing your schedule in terms of profitability. The different NetLine/Sched modules automatically find the right aircraft type for each planned flight based on demand, and they can optimize your slot management and aircraft ground times.

SchedConnect enables airlines in networks to calculate the ideal codeshare connections, save considerable time by continually exchanging schedule data with their partners, reduce costs thanks to highly automated processes and take advantage of the multi-client concept with a central flight schedule database. SchedConnect quickly and perfectly harmonizes the schedules of different airlines by automatically identifying and flagging potential conflicts.

Pricing is another important factor for establishing profitable flight operations. With ProfitLine/Price you can set competitive prices on your routes and adjust your fares to respond flexibly to short-term changes in the market, such as new competitors on a route.

Our Revenue Integrity tool supports the main goal of airline revenue management: to maximize revenue. Validating and correcting your booking inventory can help you achieve the best seat load factor in order to avoid both compensation payments to passengers for overbooking and the financial losses caused by empty seats. This produces the optimal financial result for your airline.

The solutions from Lufthansa Systems will help you make the best strategic and tactical decisions for your route network, your scheduling and your pricing. Exploit the full revenue potential of your flight operations!