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Is your call center drowning in inquiries to list travelers on your flights having just a non revenue ticket? Would you like to provide a single option for the traveler to create listings on his/her own without the need to involve your call center at all? Are you worried about authorization and ticket validity? 

Easy listings from anywhere at any time

With Lufthansa Systems new myIDListing, you can list yourself, your family members, and travel partners on your and other airlines from any web-enabled device at any time. 
myIDListing is completely web-based which allows the traveler(s) to create listings from wherever they are and whenever they want without the need to contact the transporting airline directly. For you as an airline, this means a significant reduction of inquiries to your call center!

Optimized processes

myIDListing automatically retrieves the tickets from the ticketing airline’s reservation system, be it the employee’s own airline or a different carrier. In the next step, the solution validates the ticket against the configured ID agreements, checks whether any embargos apply for the requested flight, and adds the traveler directly through the reservation system of the transporting carrier to the passenger list. 

Flexible and deployable

myIDListing is available as a standalone product or, taking full advantage of myIDTravel, as a fully integrated part of myIDTravel, the world’s leading solution for integrated staff travel management. As a customer, you may also grant generic access to your ID-partner airlines in order for their employees to create listings on your flights.

Key benefits

  •  Listings for paper and e-tickets
  •  Listings that are directly created in transporting carrier’s GDS 
  •  Ticket retrieval and revalidation before listing is carried out
  •  Flight schedules validated against configurable ID agreements 
  •  Straightforward implementation into your system environment and fully integrated into myIDTravel
  •  Transparent and competitive pricing concept 

Would you like to learn more about myIDListing? Please contact us - we will be glad to provide you with further information.


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Easy Listing from anywhere at any time

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If you face any problems while using myIDTravel, please be aware that this needs to be clarified with your airline‘s staff travel department or the operating airline directly.

Regarding login or password problems, please contact your staff travel department as well.

Have a safe trip!

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