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Do you use our Lido/FlightBag or a similar EFB solution in the cockpit? With Lido/eRouteManual we provide you with an electronic version of our navigation charts.

These considerably enhance the benefits of Lido/RouteManual . With Lido/eRouteManual you can, for example, select the information depth of the charts individually using different zoom levels and highlight the selected approach and take-off procedures in the chart. The extensive scope of charts provided by Lido/eRouteManual includes the display of airport taxiways as well as approach and take-off charts and a seamless, worldwide route chart.

The identical chart structure of the two versions supports you in your efforts to convert successively to the paperless cockpit. When designing our electronic charts we took the latest standards (FAA AC120, Volpe Human Factor Recommendation) into consideration and tailored them specially to the needs of airlines operating worldwide.

Key benefits

  • Stepwise reduction of paper charts possible
  • Hardware independent and also compatible with the integrated cockpit solutions of Boeing and Airbus
  • Charts can be shown in both portrait and landscape format
  • The chart is always centered to the present aircraft position
  • Selected approach and take-off procedures are highlighted on the chart

You can be sure of finding all the information you need at a glance with our electronic navigation charts.

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Charting your way to the paperless flight deck



Curious? Have a look at our Lido/FlightOps Suite!

With our navigation charts, pilots can see all relevant information at a glance.

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