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With Lido/eRouteManual we provide you with an electronic version of our navigation charts. These considerably enhance the benefits of Lido/RouteManual. With Lido/eRouteManual you can, for example, select the information depth of the charts individually using different zoom levels and highlight the selected approach and take-off procedures in the chart. The extensive scope of charts provided by Lido/eRouteManual includes the display of airport taxiways as well as approach and take-off charts and a seamless, worldwide route map.

The identical chart structure within our electronic charting solutions supports you in your efforts to convert successively to a paperless flight deck. When designing our electronic charts we took the latest regulatory standards into consideration and tailored them specially to the needs of airlines operating worldwide.

Key Benefits

  • Integration of Lido/AMM
  • Independence of hardware and compatibility with integrated flight deck solutions
  • Support of tablet devices including multi touch gestures
  • Map centering and own ship position as options for worldwide enroute map and terminal charts
  • Selected approach and take-off procedures are highlighted on the chart
  • Integrated situational awareness features on airspaces and special areas
  • Availability of data overlay for the enroute map (weather data, escape routes,…)
  • Compatible with standard Windows XP/7/8 environments

You can be sure of finding all the information you need at a glance with our electronic navigation charts.

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