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Sirax AirFinance Platform

The future of airline financials

A key success factor for airlines is information and knowledge about their own operations, profitability and financial situation. The challenge is to quickly identify the areas where the airline is unprofitable and improvements or changes are necessary.

IATA’s aim is to help airlines help themselves by simplifying processes and increasing passenger convenience while reducing costs and improving efficiency. In this context, IATA requires an overall intelligent airline finance solution. Taking Airline Finance IT to the next level, Lufthansa Systems has developed such a solution: Sirax AirFinance Platform.

Key features

  • First integrated solution to genuinely cover all processes
  • Modular structure for configuration according to individual business needs
  • Integration, synergies, and high level of automation help reduce tasks and costs
  • Quick (real-time) reporting and simulation features
  • Combines best practices with IATA standards
  • Anticipates future developments, e. g. IATA’s recent SIS initiatives

As this is the first integrated platform to support and optimize all the finance processes of an airline, we have made a quantum leap in Airline Finance IT. In addition to covering the operational processes and reducing costs and resources, the Sirax AirFinance Platform features a “brain” for reporting and simulating, hence enabling you to optimize your cost structures. This allows you to see the big picture, quickly adapt to changing circumstances, and helps you secure your success in the marketplace.

The Sirax AirFinance Platform consists of three complementary main modules

Sirax Revenue Accounting

Sirax Revenue Accounting supports all revenue accounting processes for passengers and cargo including an integrated credit card billing solution as well as a certified engine for PCI compliance.

Sirax Revenue Accounting

Sirax Cost Accounting

Sirax Cost Accounting covers all cost controlling processes, from airport charges and fees to handling charges and other flight related costs.

Sirax Cost Accounting

Sirax Business Intelligence

Sirax Business Intelligence generates timely, accurate, and valuable management reports based on information derived from the revenue and cost accounting modules.

Sirax Business Intelligence

The modules can be used together or independently as stand-alone applications. You can use the entire suite to reap the full benefits of an all-in-one integrated solution or you can select specific modules and combine them according to the individual needs of your business.

Sirax Advanced Services comprises a multitude of services around the Sirax AirFinance Platform from Consulting and extensive training to hosting models.

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The Sirax AirFinance Platform moves with the pulse of the business and is continuously upgraded to meet industry requirements. Hence, a Sirax-compliance to meet IATA’s next generation of interline billing Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) and the electronic multipurpose document (EMD) 

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The Sirax Community brings together a growing number of airlines, from regional carriers to international networks, offering you a variety of benefits around the Sirax Air Finance Platform.

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