Social responsibility as an employer


Our responsibilities to our employees

We employ over 2,400 people at 16 sites worldwide. Our employees come from different age groups, countries and cultures, and enrich our company with their various perspectives and skills. For Lufthansa Systems, this diversity is a basic prerequisite that enables us to remain a strong innovator and competitor. In addition, diversity and the wealth of ideas it represents are two of the key differentiators that mark out Lufthansa Systems as a company. 

We offer a range of training and continued professional development programs to support our employees and ensure that they want to keep working for the company.

This means that we are also strongly committed to providing training and apprenticeship opportunities – which not only honors our commitments to our employees but also our obligations to wider society.

Examples of this include an IT-focused apprenticeship for career starters, our work-study degree program, and the chance to gain initial professional experience by working as an intern.


Lufthansa Systems also co-sponsors a number of initiatives designed to promote IT as a topic of interest for girls and to support women working as professionals in the IT industry. Appropriately recognizing and supporting talented individuals also forms an important part of our company culture.

As a socially responsible employer, Lufthansa Systems also provides its employees with help in balancing the demands of work and family. We offer flexible working arrangements to meet the different needs of our employees. Our childcare programs also help to promote a healthy work-life balance.


As one example, we have set up a ‘Parent & Child’ office in the Lufthansa Airport Garden in Raunheim. This facility can be used by parents with young children if they can’t arrange care at short notice.

Lufthansa Systems is also part of Lufthansa Group’s childcare program ‘Luftikusse’. During the summer, this program gives employees’ children a behind-the-scenes look at their parents’ day-to-day working environment, and the chance to get to know people and places around the company.


Keeping fit is also important for our staff, and we offer them a diverse program of courses to prevent illness and promote good health. Lufthansa Systems also aims to ensure healthy working conditions in the long term with offers promoting well-being, healthy catering programs featuring free fruit or daily menus to maintain a balanced diet, as well as appropriate workplace technologies. After all, health and well-being in the workplace also boosts employee motivation and productivity.