ProfitLine Suite

The integrated solution for revenue management and pricing

ProfitLine is the leading software solution for revenue management and pricing in terms of method and technology. The integrated and modular product line maximizes revenue and secures the market position of airlines throughout the world.

ProfitLine is based on highly developed analysis, forecast and optimization methods and is the result of many years of experience in the field of revenue management and pricing. The system is a sophisticated and innovative solution for the demand-oriented optimization of capacity utilization as well as for quantifying and simulating the influences of changes in the market and competitive conditions.

ProfitLine automates complex airline processes, making them manageable, and creates the flexibility necessary to actively control these processes. As a result, airlines can react quickly, flexibly and discriminatingly to the market and competitors and manifestly increase their revenue.

ProfitLine stands both for high-quality, future-oriented software and for well founded knowledge of the industry and comprehensive, professional service.


The fare management solution