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Air Corsica chooses myIDTravel from Lufthansa Systems

December 10, 2012

The employees of the French airline Air Corsica will manage and book their private trips and issue the electronic tickets directly with myIDTravel from Lufthansa Systems. This move enables the airline to comply with the IATA-mandate of replacing ID paper tickets.MyIDTravel enables an automated and efficient management of ID-travel. Airline employees can use electronic ID-tickets for their own carrier’s and for interline flights.

Within recent years myIDTravel has developed into the market’s leading IT-solution for paperless flying. MyIDTravel offers advantages for airlines in many areas by streamlining processes – from maintaining ID agreements and eligibility rules to revenue accounting and interline settlement. Through process optimization airlines can reduce costs in different areas. Airline employees also benefit greatly form using myIDTravel because they can conveniently purchase, change and refund electronic tickets for their trips themselves.

The French airline Air Corsica was established in 1989 as Compagnie Corse Méditerranée (CCM). The airline is based Ajaccio Corsica. In 2000 the name of the carrier changed from CCM to CCM Airlines, and in 2010 the name changed again to Air Corsica. The French carrier operates with a fleet of 10 aircraft (4 Airbus A320 and 6 ATR 72-500).    

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